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Factory History:

Our company HangZhou East Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is an one of the leading manufactuer and suppiler of eas tags &eas accessories in China.

In Augst 8th,2006.the WuYi East Electronic Technology Co,.Ltd which began life as our company.Has established in WuYi county,JingHua,China.have 80 workers ,Mainly produces all kinds of eas coils and eas Accessories(still exist till now,become an small branch of HangZhou East Electronice Technology Co,.LTD. and the ability of eas coils reach 5million, eas key cyliners reach 3million and eas lanyards reach 1million per month).With the develop of the eas market,Our company begin to produce the eas hard tags by ourself step-by-step.
In July18th,2008.begin to build HangZhou East Electronic Technology Co,.Ltd. in TongLu county,HangZhou,China.and the this company established and start to production
Till June 30th ,2009.the company covers an area of 8000 square meters, the plant buliding covers 1000metres and the use area coves 3000 square meters.(Our next plan to bulid another standard workshop , an new office buliding,an dormitory for our staffs ).
Hang Zhou east electronic Technology Co,.Ltd. have an rapid developed under the favourable situation and convenience transpotation .With the good relationship with the raw material suppliers ,Till 2010 ,our production ability have reached more than 3million per month of eas hard tag.and besides,we accept the new designs.
With the competitve situation from our industry Colleagues in HangZhou,Our Quality have improve quickly.and delveloped an new process line( ready to add 5-6 process line in an short time).We are committed to win by quality and constantly pursue customer satisfaction.

If we are lucky to be your supplier  , we assure that we will get rapid growth with your help and  will realize an win-win situation  in the near future .
Please rest assured that HangZhou East Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd is your  reliable partner for ever.
EAS Tags Use Guide:


  • eas Hard Security Tags protect: clothing, footwear, hats, and other accessories
  • Great lightweight visual theft deterrent
  • eas Hard Tags use a Flat Head /Cone steel pin  ,Flat Head /Cone plastic pin or Ink pin to secure sensor to merchandise
  • eas Hard Security Tags can be used with a double loop, or pin lanyard to protect footwear, hand bags, and some sports equipment
  • This retail security tag requires a standard magnetic detacher to remove the pin
  • The RF Hard Tag is compatible Checkpoint, Nedap,Lucatron and similar 8.2 MHz Radio Frequency (RF) anti-theft systems, The AM hard tag is compatible with all sensormatic/WG and similar 58KHz Acousto Magetic (AM) anti-theft systems,
 Hangzhou EAST Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in EAS accessories (EAS TAGS) including EAS hard tags, EAS detachers, EAS pins, and EAS lanyards. Our products are widely applied to anti-theft in supermarkets and department stores. Our company is located in the country's international light manu-facture base - Yi Site With 1 hour drive to Ningbo Harbor and 3 hour drive to Shanghai Harbor, we enjoy convenient transportation for export. Moreover, the companies in our two other neighboring cities provide professional technical supports. One of the city is Yiwu, the famous small commodity city and the other is Yongkang, the technical hardware city. This ensures a quick running of out R&D and quality assurance...... 444


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