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Look forward to the arrival of RFID feast

Look forward to the arrival of RFID feast
EAS anti-theft tag of leading global companies, the value of life, the Friends network shares of the company recently conducted field security tags research, there are some of the points below:
     1, overall, the company is manufacturing side, the core competitiveness is the cost control and management capacity, particularly EAS business;
     (1) EAS business, the company equal to the outside of the OEM system integrators;
     (2) RFID chips are abroad (3-4 chip technology monopoly in the hands of the giant), antenna, and bonding technologies are their own;
     2, as an export processing enterprises, labor costs, raw materials and exchange rates greater impact on the company; personally think that the past is more difficult to maintain 40% margin; company went public last year, the response to theeas tag government several times asked to mention wages, minimum wage from 1100 yuan to 1360 yuan, an increase in listing fees in the case, the company canceled the end of the year award last year, Chinese New Year is the direct result of many workers did not return after the company's capacity expansion in the case of equipment, manpower can not keep up the expansion, so a quarter of the human lead to a serious shortage of production capacity; a quarter of the actual production can only meet the intention to order more than 50%;
     3, the next Aspect
     (1) the acquisition of the upstream eascase of retail systems integrators
     (2) the progress of the domestic business
     (3) RFID business development for the case
     4 Conclusion: avoid.
     (1) the ability of companies without their own marketing, but plant vitality is fragile;
     (2) If the company in the foundry industry value chain position does not change, even if the RFID feast come, will not be much success
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