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Brand selection to help security brand growth

Brand selection to help security brand growth
      More brand strategy can be different according to different market take brand, different product adopt different brand. More brand strategy has two most significant characteristics: first is the brand of different according to different target market; Second is the brand management with relative independence. More brand strategy is positioning the interval of different segments of the market, emphasize the   characteristics of each brand, attract different customer group, which occupies more segments of the market, such as depending on to Ann rogge lang, eas the company now owns two brand: face to high-end market in the rogge lang (Legrand) and the market in apparent to Ann (Shidean), two brand covers different segments, and meet the requirements of different customers. If take a single brand, is can launch suitable for high, medium and low market different products, but sometimes brand "interval" it is hard to define clearly, even easy to cause the fuzzy.
       But overall, in security enterprise, at present a single brand strategy for common comparison, more brand operation are relatively few. Can very successfully and operation of the enterprise, there are few several brand. This shows that the security enterprise the overall strength of is weak, mostly still does not have the strength of the more brand operation. Ingersoll rand can successfully operation more brand, because it annual turnover as much as $14 billion, cannot be mentioned in the same breath. This article from the cities to the hunting room editing arrange, reproduced from the city room | fuzhou real estate net , thank you for your reproduced keep the source.
More brand into big, not every company has the strength of the control. P&g company 2010 sales revenue of $78.9 billion, advertising spending of $9.3 billion, advertising spending accounts for the proportion of sales more than 12.
       Brand selection, to help security brand growth
       Plants need irrigation and care they can better growth,eas tag brand also need to develop and support to grow. To promote security enterprise implementation of brand strategy, promote security enterprise brand strategy to upgrade, in recent years, including the China public security "in many media and institutions, making all kinds of brand poll. The selection activities aroused the security enterprise brand awareness and promoted the growth of the security brand.
      In January 2006, by the China public security magazine, CPS nets, and international security reservation during brand lab jointly held the "China security well-known brand" selection is announced, kangwei depending on the sea, dahua, heaven and earth, skyworth group of great from the 183 prize hin home security enterprise to the fore, was named "Chinese security well-known brand".
In December 2009, CPS reservation during network, China public security magazine, international security brand lab held joint the first "China security top ten most influential brand" selection, divided into the selection, DVR, matrix, building interphone, video, security tags access control system, monitors,,, the 10 categories, for a total of 286 enterprises participate in the selection. After intense competition, kangwei depending on the sea, dahua, heaven and earth, the great fly, zte force d, extension, and manka, and beauty electric bell, high-tech, chamberlain overseas with chau, blue star, relocation treasure,, hui, hao grace the sharpness, such as red apple won the first "China security top ten most influential brand."
From 2005 to 2010, China's public safety magazine, CPS nets,Electronic article surveillance and international security reservation during brand laboratory held the fifth joint "China security industry 100 strong" selection, followed by the extensive attention and recognition.
      These selection, not only cause industry in the specialized media attention, also cause media attention, has a CCTV and people's public security news, the shenzhen special zone daily, southern metropolis daily, China trade news, shenzhen commercial daily, shenzhen television stations, home to more than 100 publications and Internet, with full enthusiasm for the comprehensive report greatly enhances the security brand of media exposure,eas product  improve the public security industry and security of brand recognition.
      The growth of the brand has security selection activity of the birth of the brand. If no selection, famous brand with the famous brand is no distinction and boundaries, consumers will have no choice coordinates and the reference, famous brand is very easy to be submerged in the vast sea of the brand. The security industry in fast development process, eas antennas the emerging a group of the brand with certain fame, which gave birth to the brand poll. Famous brand selection in turn boost the brand growth, let the famous brand back from ordinary brand distance, so as to increase the famous brand market reputation and market share.
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