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Machine vision technology power security monitoring intelligent development

Machine vision technology power security monitoring intelligent development
      According to industrial control network news, along with the development of the industry needs, for hd video monitor market intelligence has brought great development space. Intelligent has become the future direction of the monitoring, the future IP eas cameras to identify different according to different characteristics of the industry, meet different needs, such as Banks and supermarket, can identify the face, and face image database and corresponding up; The highway to identify ChePaiZhao. Now the IP monitoring mainly in the bank, intelligent traffic, plots use, and gradually to power department penetration.
      In the security industry development road, eas tag machine vision technology promotes the lead is not allow to ignore. In the security industry use the machine vision products such as pixels industrial lens, network video camera, the industrial image collection card, etc. Because of the security industry's talents reserves is very good, and graphics are images and the related, for data acquisition and the processing and analysis of the late more need machine vision technology support. And as long as the corresponding training, will involve machine vision system. Therefore, machine vision in security in the development of industry and it will continue to security tags  expand their combined market share.
      The modern intelligent security system mainly by the monitoring system, the entrance guard system, anti-theft alarm system, remote control four parts, can not only in the protection area realize monitor, alarm functions, but also can use communication and network technology, through the cell phones and computers on the protection area of remote control and inquires. Therefore, intelligent security is more and more widely used in business, bank, factories,Electronic article surveillance hospitals, schools, residential, public facilities, large buildings, etc. In addition, intelligent security safe guard system of automatic monitoring management, residential fire, the harmful gas leak exercise automatic alarm; Fire alarm system should with smoke, temperature and combustible gas detector Lord; Security alarm system should be installed infrared or microwave, and other types the police probe.
      Throughout the market situation, the user to video monitoring system intelligent do have demand. With the rapid development of video monitoring, security in the existing human, and on the basis of the per capita management camera because more and more, if only by people to manage, will inevitably increase human input, increases the security operation cost. And technology accumulation and development also makes the intelligence analysis more and more practical.
      Security monitoring market hd, the development ofeas product the intelligent towards, video monitoring intelligent is inevitable trend of development. The development of times, conform to, follow up, push is in the way of development. Security monitoring finally realize intelligent, network. Of course, still need to GaoQingHua (see clearly, see well), therefore, modern access monitoring and next generation communication network, three nets fusion, new flat panel display, high performance integrated circuit and cloud computing as a representative of high-end software closely related.
      So far, intelligent security technical development has made great achievements, along with the enterprise and residential requirements of the using, digital intelligent security now faces new development opportunity, because of the particularity of the digital intelligent security industry, the state to the intelligence security industry has been given policy encouragement. In recent years, in order to solve the enterprise and the residential quarters of security issues, the ministry of construction, ministry of public security two signed issued the various related files, to strengthen the enterprise and the residential quarters of intelligent safety facilities.
      Security is going to realize intelligent, have a long way to go, eas antennas but the foreseeable is the product will intelligent technology development towards, security and intelligence has very big development space, intelligent safety products also have very big market demand. In short, security intelligence to implement. Intelligent security still need the whole development of the security industry together.
      As security monitoring technology and customer demand of combining the trend became apparent, security monitoring the product integration in the process of implementing, machine vision products must constantly adapt to the safety monitoring application characteristic, have been the perfect themselves, with its security monitoring the integration of technology has also is the trend of The Times. With the security industry into golden development, hd video monitor market intelligence of the trend of the development of the application of machine vision for open vast market space. Machine vision products, the introduction of the system to provide the perfect for security solutions, will further boost the high speed development of industry.
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