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Security alarm system market development trend

Security alarm system market development trend
      With the development of science and technology and people to put increasing awareness of the, security industry the development trend of intelligent become important, and security alarm system as a security system of a subsystem, in each industry eas also plays an important role. But for the security industry technical innovation in security alarm still belong to lag behind.
      Security alarm system of communications link generally includes the police probe and alarm controller of networking between, and alarm controller and the control center of networking. In the practical construction deployment process,eas tag  in order to match the number of flexible probe and wiring, the probe and alarm controller are mostly between the traditional switch quantity of signal transmission, and alarm controller and the control center of networking is whether a system is stable robust flexible expansion of the key.
      In terms of marketing, construction market is also security tags causes the security alarm system industry development lagging behind the important reasons. In intelligent building high-speed development of the 10 years, anti-theft alarm system the earliest is introduced to the residential construction. But as the visible interphone system technology revolution, anti-theft alarm system is gradually out of the housing market, it is also leading to the industry in the housing market share gradually reduce, influenced the industry technical progress.
      Especially in the defence zone-state-sensor having alarm set, online programming, wireless alarm, security alarm system have greatly improve, basically is used mixed alarm protection zones and through the computer to carry on the online programming and means of protection zone set, ever online programming and keyboard on alarm set the phenomenon Electronic article surveillance of the defence zone-state-sensor having input basic no longer appear. At present the most key security alarm system is all sorts of detector, innovative and detector technology update relative to the mainframe difficulty bigger, here with the subject to the technological innovation. Such as optical, microwave, the improvement of the various sensors, special research and development of the sensor.
      Security alarm system in the security industry has been to eas product  the steady pace of forward development, its technical innovation faster main areas of is all sorts of detector change. With the increasing market demand and product the development of technology, the function of the network the mainframe gradually expanding,
      Others said the future of the chance to call the police towards gradual intelligent terminal the direction of development, product not only has the general alarm function, and has the information release receive function that, in addition to release the alarm information, alarm center also can host to release property management content and the notice. And we think the future security alarm industry will digital detector towards full, full digital network platform, eas antennas control means the technology development of multiple perspectives, and entrance guard system, talkback system, monitoring system for large fusion, and final with computer integration is a comprehensive security systems, is all the security subsystems are integrated into the computer management of the workbench comprehensive alarm system.
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