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CPU access card as an industry technology leader

CPU access card as an industry technology leader
      Public use smart CARDS, which can take the urban traffic tools, for small consumption, also can freely in and out of the village gate, for parking management... Reporters from national IC card that development strategy, the future architectural and residential areas will use the smart card safety algorithm, the user to obtain safety guarantee mechanism; eas Building and residential areas smart card will combine with city card, namely the user use a IC card, can realize the urban traffic and the integrated management of residential smart card, and realize the small pay, identification and other functions, for urban residents provide convenient and fast services.
      The good news from the policy level for card production, manufacturing enterprise indicated the development direction. At present, many card production and manufacturing PinZao out "copy door", "cracked door" troubling ID card, M1 card for a safe level high card alternative product. In the technology constantly upgrade, CPU smart card as confidential high performance of the contact card in the "technology competition" in show strong vitality. eas tag  The expert inside course of study thinks, in future IC card on the market, the CPU smart card will take up more and more important position, leading the card technology development trend. In the trend of technology is, many enterprises have to join CPU smart card factions, tries to the market competition in future taking the initiative.
      As the nation building and residential areas smart card industry's national high and new technology enterprise, shenzhen prosperous dragon intelligent technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the popular dragon) after years of technical accumulation, become the first launched really bluetooth technology parking lot all series technology, CPU smart card management system, as well as the national first invention IC card of elevator control system of the enterprise. These innovation technology make the prosperous dragon become one card "other" in the industry. Related products are used in WuKeSong stadium, Shanghai hongqiao transportation hub, and other countries large project, won the industry experts and user acceptance.
      At present, popular in strengthening technical innovation of the dragon, also closely at the future development trends of the technology of card, and combining with the actual situation of now, will the state password administration of the commercial passwords for a group standard symmetric algorithm (hereinafter referred to as the countries close algorithm) fusion to CPU smart card system in, and launched countries close CPU card system of primary application models, advanced application mode, finest application mode. Three models of each subsystem is in share one IC card, offline work mode, achieve the same computer, the same database user material management. At the same time, each model also has its own characteristics. Primary application mode is the kingdom in accord with dense algorithm of CPU smart card security premise,security tags   verified through security authentication codes for  identification. Advanced application mode in the kingdom of the algorithm with dense CPU smart card security premise, authentication, can be read with key can write intelligent way of working in IC card and reading and writing between the complete highly secure identity authentication work. In this process, the system without depending on the network and computer, directly into the intelligence of offline work mode, system reliability is higher. Electronic article surveillance The user consumption, can use the electronic purse city card payment mode. Superlative mode is the national IC card application development plan of the long-term goal, that of the smart card system of each city and RF security module design, urban card into the IC card to construction and residential areas smart card system of integrated management.
      Popular LiBiao following the general manager in dragon eas product when accepting a reporter to interview, says smart CARDS and logic encryption card CPU, compared to have independent CPU chip processor and operating system, and can support for all the different application, high security and data application more flexible. At present, the European bank card is adopted by the CPU technology, has not appeared cracked and attack such as malignant events. From November 2009 to begin, popular in the first in the country to put forward the CPU smart card system, solve the problem by the safety of the crack card. At the same time, the CPU smart card as long eas antennas as the key link in the secret operation kingdom algorithm, can be directly upgrade for countries close CPU smart card three modes, to prevent illegal elements of the invasion, to provide security for the user.
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