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Uhv spirit lead the electric power enterprise to innovation development

Uhv spirit lead the electric power enterprise to innovation development
        A predecessor for power plants old state-owned enterprise, just a few short years, how to top the domestic first-class manufacturing enterprises in electric power equipment? In talking about the changes of the enterprise, the general manager ZhaoYongZhi said, the national power grid companies develop uhv transmission project, concentrate superior power breaks high-end product core technology, for electrical equipment manufacturing industry realize the leaping development provides important historical opportunity.eas The company it is hold this opportunity, at the national power grid corporation and the deployment of the company under the equipment, energetically carry out technological innovation development strategy, and will excel activities fall in practice, and realize high pressure boost transformer, a test developed successfully.
        To be the first equipment research and development the breakthrough
        In 2010, the equipment, the high voltage technology research and development centers in shandong electric power equipment company was set up. Then, the companies proposed "before December 31, 2012, want to have 1000 kv, 1.5 million kv single-phase × 3 ultra-high voltage transformer, generator transformer contact booster, parallel, eas tag  and series-parallel reactor, + 1000 kv converter transformer is, the dry flat wave and the following products production reactor ability" goal. Shandong electric power equipment company plans to use 1 ~ 2 years catch up with 8 ~ 10 giant industry reached levels. Time is short, the heavy task, this company cadre staff fully carry forward "5 + 2" and "white and black" spirit, after the Spring Festival, the first day of work, the technique system of employees to work overtime to the morning.
        In September 2011, shandong electric power equipment company the first 1000 kv transformer  successfully developed, and one through test, created the world's high voltage transformer development field is the same product development time shortest, the miracle of optimal performance. The company also therefore become the world's third domestic research, a second successful development of ultra-high voltage transformer boost enterprise. In the development of high voltage transformer, at the same time, the company also attach great importance to the power equipment of intelligence research and application, as early as in 2006 started the intelligent transformer research. "The national grid company for uhv, intelligent power grid planning we come to realize, the power equipment to the development direction of ultra-high voltage, large capacity, security tags  miniaturization, low noise, intelligent transfer, so invest a lot of effort, with the requirements of the development of intelligent power grid power equipment."   ZhaoYongZhi said, "must obtain leading technology, go the way of the technology won."
        In the way of the technical innovation, the company pay special attention to carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation collectivism, fully depends on all the staff of "force", make a breakthrough technology innovation. In uhv transformer development period, once, ZhaoYongZhi lead technical personnel do all night test, the morning out of the hall at the test, the see him coming and blurt out to ask a way: "how to make a test,?" "Frankly, we don't understand the specific research project, only know what's relevant, but with high pressure on his face to look of concern I remember. It shows that we all and everyone in the company of uhv hard." ZhaoYongZhi gained a lot to say.
Ensure the quality, production process and meticulous
        "Production is clean, production process and meticulous, a word not poor quality records, production promote moment not to tow, safety work one pace reachs the designated position, mental outlook daring, technical secret word, and ensure that the product a success!" This is especially high voltage transformer winding process around the system of "eight one", is also the CLP equipment company shandong electric power equipment company make product quality in miniature.
        November 14,, the reporter walks into the gate workshop 79 air shower room, feel the wind first from all sides drench, a few minutes later, the wind shower room door to open. Enter the dressing room change purification clothing, wearing wigs, and purify the cap, masks, and purify the shoes, registration at the door, the door check personnel need protective equipment is wear is complete. Then is a important program-hand washing: Electronic article surveillance  first use clean water, then use alcohol immersion cloth wipe carefully, each finger nails, all should brush to crack, even after washing hands with distilled water, and finally the superfine fibers with dry cloth handle thoroughly dry again put on white gloves. Each area around the system is the door shut, automatic entrance guard system only know card, not to recognize people, through a set of strict procedure, can enter uhv coil around the system. It has become the hospital operation room, whether the ground, metope, or equipment or work station are spotless.
        The reporter understands, this company in on product quality aspects of a complete program, from equipment, personnel, etc for careful planning deployment, and in strict accordance with the plan execution. High voltage transformer production, for example. Before the start of a month, workshop is to staff knowledge training, the exam results the full 100 points rear can mount guard, to ensure that the operator should master the knowledge of his hand. Tooling equipment in all before the start of with alcohol wipe carefully to ensure all the parts are spotless. In order to strictly carry out production plan, on May 8, two or three weeks after the start of the staff of class for a week 12 hours to class, ensure that on that day, and on that day tomorrow. If a link in more than expected spent time, they will automatically work overtime to come home. They strictly according to quality planning and key parts, key control points, in addition to the strict self-inspection for each other,eas product   still must by workshop director, quality, technology and personnel to verify, each place welding parts, are made by workshop director signed confirmation. "Ultra-high voltage transformer developed a successful at home and abroad, are rare. Through   improving quality, we did it." ZhaoYongZhi look appear very proud.
        Mining market internationalization strategy previews effect
        In the road, we see the rows of the equipment has been packing list. "These mainly from Qingdao port sea shipped abroad equipment." The company ZhengGongBu director FanJianMing introduced said.
        The key to the development of enterprise, in addition to the technology and quality related, and most key ring: market. The company from 2003 to and is bold "going out", many participate in international market competition. In recent years, the company with the state grid corporation internationalization strategy as a guide, carry out the equipment company deployment, intensify efforts to expand international business, international competitiveness and growing influence. At present, the company there is 7 overseas offices, radiation to more than 30 countries and regions, the products are sold well in Asia, Africa, America, Europe and other dozens of countries. At the same time and the international famous universities, the world's top transformer institute established long-term cooperation relations, the preparation of the international research branches, eas antennas and actively introduce advanced foreign technology. By 2010, the company's products in the international market order already accounts for 57% of the total amount to order.
        "The national power grid companies implement the international strategy, effectively help the upstream and downstream industry chain development and international competitiveness, but also for the internationalization of our products have created favorable conditions. In India, shandong electric power equipment company's products have been regarded as and ABB, Siemens, and so on the European and American countries technical level equivalent product." ZhaoYongZhi said, "in the foreign country, China is a mention of transformer, the customer will thumbs up, repeatedly praised.
        "We will continue to ultra-high voltage series product development around, carry forward the spirit of ultra-high voltage, and carry out the excel, realizing national electrical equipment manufacturing industry to revitalize the. I believe that we can win the future!"
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