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Increasingly mature entrance guard system integration linkage technology

Increasingly mature entrance guard system integration linkage technology
        Because the customer demand diversity and application security requirements of the continued ascension, for access to the market and technology development is also showing diversity and integrated development trend,eas in view of the application of access control function is no longer limited to a single door control, and also more need to adapt to the market demand get progress and innovation. So the entrance guard system integration more and more other system is the inevitable trend of its development.
        Say to the entrance guard integrated integration from two respects expression can be. As from the point of view of the identity authentication its integration can lead put out "all-in-one-card", as from a security point of view, access control with other securityeas tag  subsystem realize integration, and realize the security linkage. These two aspects in the 2011 security show on the display.
        As a "card", now of the mainstream manufacturers can do "a card, a library, a platform", can be the entrance guard, attendance, parking lot, consumption and other involving the identity authentication of the subsystem can be integrated in a all the workbench. security tags  The system architecture with most mature is the upper between subsystems is absolutely TCP/IP, and lower internal can adopt RS485 each subsystem or TCP/IP and RS485 combination.
        And as the security of the entrance guard system and has the following performance. The current access application and other security system integration trend has unstoppable. More common security and the integration of the weak electric video monitoring subsystem have, anti-theft alarm, fire alarm, building automation, elevator control, and so on systems, access control subsystem can and integration is tie-in.
        During the exhibition, we can see a lot of manufacturers launched using the integrated access management system, such as access and video monitoring for linkage, its can will access &intrusion of equipment be removed, illegal to open the door, the door open to overtime, stress, invalid card, credit card open door, open the door, etc. Various kinds of alarm button or the alarm status information and other security subsystem realize linkage,Electronic article surveillance   such as when the event occurs, then would immediately start video monitoring equipment on the channel of the events of the real-time image recall and video footage, record the time length can be installed freely, including before the event, events and events such as after video video, and management of the real-time video opportunity to access information reflects the interface of the software to monitor. According to the actual demand, video video data can be stored in the local management host, also can save in the alien DVR.
        Be like again, entrance guard system linkage building automation and control open or close the building lighting, air-conditioning equipment; Entrance guard system can lift to the specified linkage elevator level; Entrance guard system can and alarm system linkage, eas product  when one regional alarm, access control can be awarded to alarm system, will alarm region of the access door shut down automatically, to chase criminals to provide convenient; Entrance guard system can also and fire alarm system linkage, when the fire breaks out, fire control system by order of the access door or shut down, or open, for personnel and isolated from the smoke escape creates the condition.
        However, the increasing of the subsystem also means that the increase of management platform, and  the complexity of the management and re-doubled will also increase, if slightly "mistake" will likely weaken the ability of each subsystem. Therefore, only the system will be reasonable and scientific integration to a unified platform is to solve this problem, the best solution. From exhibition can be seen in, now of the many system integration, already no longer depend on basic primary hardware touch switch quantity integration point, but based on mutual communication agreement to open the way, this not only improved the reliability of the linkage, linkage response speed, can also record linkage of real-time information.
        Sure, the entrance guard, video monitor, alarm and so on subsystem is as monomer a quite mature system, the integration of all based usually or to the entrance guard, or to call the police, or video monitoring the comprehensive management platform mainly based and development way up, so the importance of management platform will show. eas antennas In view of the importance of the security system, both as a platform to protect the individual character of each subsystem, and integration of the subsystems of the general character. That is, each subsystem, from their respective function realization is independent, and the performance of the book system characteristics; And when need when exchanging the subsystem of the sharing of resources is, can well realize complementary functions and work together, so that the integrated system fully reflected 1 + 1 > 2 effect. This not only ensure the character of each subsystem or independence, and ensure the security system is the mutual connection, so as to fully play the function of each subsystem. These technical window in the 2011 security on exhibition of many manufacturers in the product occasionally have display.
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