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Access network is the best way out is still hot collocation

Access network is the best way out is still hot collocation
      As the mainstream industry network development trend in the 2011 security on exhibition well proved. The entrance guard manufacturers are on display own eas TCP/IP network mode of the entrance guard system, and the relations of a continuous stream of visitors and consultation. TCP/IP network has been extensively applied, using TCP/IP communications protocol, through the LAN/WAN/Internet construct network system,eas tag  and realize the cross the floor, the building across the city, across remote network control and data transmission, the entrance guard system is already happening.
      TCP/IP controller advantage using international standards of popular communication protocol, the advanced nature and performance are quite good,security tags   network number theory is unlimited, network range, can cross area, even across national borders, communications speed, suitable for large system; Communication stable quality, the anti-interference ability more RS485 way more strong. If the user has a LAN, can use existing network in networking. Increase in point, can use to ease of access to the existing network system. Its defect is the current market perspective, the equipment cost will obviously higher than the way RS485.Electronic article surveillance   If a cross-regional large system, network management and network security will become the new problems and needs to focus on. But for large entrance guard system, of TCP/IP network mode compared with RS485 network mode advantage is still very obvious: save large quantities of quantities, high speed communications apply line to interactive information system and help to the whole system management, convenience in system debugging and troubleshooting and enables the system with great flexibility, very convenient system expansion.
      But from 2011 security exhibition can also be clear to, most mainstream manufacturers, chose the Lord architecture is TCP/IP, from framework is RS485 way, or this is the best combination architecture. This is based on the consideration of: said TCP/IP network unlimited expansion this is true, but only station network access control equipment is also constrained by the recent network switch range limitation for not more than 90 meters,eas product  this compared with the km distance was RS485 is very short, TCP/IP network is the advantage of building, across cross-regional and across the network between subsystems, and large capacity information interaction and have high requirements for real-time applications; And is suitable for small way RS485 cast fist occasions, or to the information transmission not too much of an application, it as a complement to the TCP/IP mode is the best.
      In addition to the deluge of network access control outside, the event can see another change is the core processor level of obvious upgrade, such as in the entrance guard controller, almost no traditional eight single chip microcomputer, eas antennas instead of 32 bit embedded ARM technology, upgrade the product has the high performance and low cost and low power consumption. At present, the 32-bit machine has also become the mainstream. Some controller crash automatic restart, line automatic monitoring and dual bus technology also is at present relatively popular functions.
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