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On the access control systems are facing new challenges and pitfalls

On the access control systems are facing new challenges and pitfalls

    HC Security (Reuters) though the fingerprints, hand geometry, iris biometric access control system not only in safety, convenience, easy manageability, have their own strengths, but the fingerprint way more serious security risks.

    This exposure to the human external biometric is eas rf buckle relatively easy to copy;

    Environmental requirements are sensitive to humidity, cleanliness and other fingers, dirty oil, the water will cause identification can not affect the results of the identification;

    · Certain people or groups of fingerprint characteristics, even without the fingerprint, so it is difficult to imaging; peeling, scars and other low-quality Electronic article fingerprint identification difficult, the problem of low recognition, for some more hands calluses of manual labor part of the special populations in those and other registration and identification difficult;

    Fingerprint can not scratch, eye redness bleeding face can not have hurt the situation, even the beard will affect the recognition accuracy and sensitivity.

    With the China Eas Manufacturers increasing flow of people and social development and the accelerated pace of life, the office lobby, library and other public places, to control the normal operation of these premises and the protection of public security has become an important task of the management bodies. Considered from the perspective of energy saving and environmental protection, China's population of billions of dollars, the access card holders are considerable, with the major eas rf labels trend of energy saving and environmental protection with the new requirements, the pioneering and breakthrough of the new access control system should be the focus. How will medical science, biometrics energy-saving advantages of the traditional access cards combine the advantages of this is thought-provoking questions of security access control companies need.
Author:Hangzhou  EAST Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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