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Access control intercom industry demand will create greater value

Access control intercom industry demand will create greater value
   HC Security Reuters as an emerging market of NFC technology and the wide application of mobile devices, the field of security identification-based access control system eas anti-theft systems will show a convenience to improve total cost of ownership gradually reduce and achieve a higher level of security trends. With the continuous improvement of social awareness of security, access control systems as it can effectively solve an important place for access security management issues are being widely used in every walk of life, such as government departments, financial institutions, transportation, energy, intelligent community, factory, hospitals and other fields.

    First of all, the mobile access control system based on NFC technology will be more widely applied. The growing popularity of the eas hard tag promotion of NFC technology will provide a virtual credential card placed in smart phones and other portable devices to create more new opportunities, allowing users to use smart phones and portable devices to open the door, shopping, and security in the NFC smart phones and mobile phone payment carry out other transactions. For example, hotel occupancy procedures, do not have to front line up, as long as the receiving of messages sent to the of a hotel,China Eas Manufacturers you can open the door with this message is used to machine. For example, employees can be loaded to the mobile phone virtual credential to use the phone to open the door, so the card can always carry.
Author: Hangzhou EAST Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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