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Discussion on classification of the access control system

Discussion on classification of the access control system
Access channel management system of management control system, also known as access, digital intelligence management system is a management personnel access.

With the deepening of social electronic smart, now we see the access control system based on the different media and methods of input devices can be divided into:

Password access control system: by entering the password, the system determines the correct password on the drive electric lock, opened the door and release. Advantages: Just remember the password, you do not need to carry other media. The lowest cost.eas plastic tag Disadvantages: slow, enter the password generally require several seconds, if too many incoming and outgoing personnel, need to queue. If you make a mistake, the need to re-enter, take longer. Poor security, the person next to easily remember someone else's password, and the password is easy to forget or leaked through gestures. Trend: fewer password eas anti-theft systems access control occasions, still using only low security requirements, and low cost, using the infrequent occasions. For example: safe.

Swipe card access system: depending on the type of card is divided into a contact card access control systems and non-contact card access control systems. Contact card access control system is easy to wear but the contact card, infrequent use, the card easily damaged, the range of use has become less and less, and only on occasions and bank cards to be used, for example: Bank of VIP channel access systems, unmanned teller machine access control system local field is still in use. Non-contact IC card, due to its the durability cost-effective good read speed fast safe advantage is the mainstream of the current access control system. Therefore, a lot of people put non-contact IC card access control system referred to as access control systems.

Biometric access control systems: access control system based on human biological characteristics of different identifiable. Common: fingerprint access control systems, access control system of the palm-type instrument iris access control system face recognition access control system, example: fingerprint season and dry humidity varies, the palm type and portraits due to the growth of the age change, iris due to ocular disease change, etc.. So, biometric access control systems, advanced and security, but the limited scope of application, only in a small number of high security requirements, do not worry about the cost of the few areas in the application, not the mainstream of the current access control system.
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